Saturday, September 7, 2019

It has been a while hasn't?

Well I am working on my next NC State Fair entry. This pattern is by Mike Williams called "As Darkness Falls". By the way the name of the pattern is linked to the pattern if you wish to purchase it.

I am cutting this on a Basswood live edge oblong piece. I wanted to try something different this year and I saw this and figured I could adapt the pattern to fit it. So I printed it out and figured out how much of the pattern I could fit within the slab and I came up with something that looked like it would work.

I have not cut much but it should be done on time.

An overall picture of everything

A shot of what I have cut so far

I am using a new blade this year. I keep hearing so much about Pegas blades that I purchased some. Of  course this is using spirals and spirals are just plain different from normal scroll saw blades and cutting straight with them is not simple since the blade will cut in any direction. These are Spiral Scroll Saw Blades #0. They cut nicely and seem to have very few if any fuzzes on the back which is a nice thing as cleanup when I am done will be quicker then normal. Usually I have to spend a bit of time with very small files getting rid of them. Hopefully these will reduce that time.

Well thanks for looking.

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