Sunday, September 8, 2019

More work plus an off the cuff piece

Well I did more on my project. But I was side tracked for a bit as I was finding turning the little handle for the blade tensioner a bit tedious with all the small little bits I have to cut for this project I seem to be spending more time inserting the blade in the the project then I do cutting. So I just "off the cuff" designed and cut this little wooden knob extension to make turning the handle easier. It was quick and dirty just took off one of the handles, there are two, one the arm above the table and one below the table, and I did a quick tracing of the handle profile. . I am a top feeder so I loosen and tighten the one below the table constantly. So this just makes it larger and easier on the fingers. Of course they designed the handle to be wider at the back so it would not fit initially. I just put in a spiral blade and made the hole bigger till it was able to slide on. Then I sanded it to knock down the sharp edges so that it would be comfortable for my fingers. This is what it turned out like and how it fits on the handle. I just put it on to turn the handle then take it right off. I cut this out of some yellowheart scraps I had laying around.

The part

Another view

What it looks like on the knob

Now I did get some more done on my project too. Here are some more pictures of where I am at. Still a bit of work to go but I do have 4 weeks.

The whole board

A close up of the area cut

Thanks for looking

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