Thursday, July 9, 2020

Simple "off the cuff" tray bird feeder

I just threw this together for my wife. It is just a quick and dirty tray bird feeder. I made it from wood I get from a shipping company down the block from my job. So other then the screws and screening this was a cheap build. Not all that much thought went into it. I did not want to make any hard joints so since I was building in in two layers and putting screening between them the joins are just offset. I actually used a tool that almost never gets used. I bought a biscuit cutter many moons ago and almost never find a reason to use it. This was the perfect job for it. as I was just butting the wood up against each other. So the bottom later is join with biscuits.

So steps was measure the wood lengths I had and decide what length and width to make the frame.. Ended up 1-1/2 inches wide by 14 inches long. 

1) Cut wood to width and length in the table saw.
2) Cut the biscuit slots where I was joining the wood  on the bottom layer.
3) Glue up the bottom frame
4) Cut the legs at 45 degree angles 3 inches long and attach them with 2 screws each
5) Staple the screening on the bottom frame
6) Screw on the top pieces.

 And done.....

Some pics from the build.

Using my custom made frame jig to glue up the bottom.

Legs and screening attached

Top part now screwed on and it is completed

Showing the simple legs I made for this as this will be a ground feeder.

Thanks for looking!