Thursday, May 2, 2019

I 3d printed a moon

So I found this on-line and printed it. It was not too difficult to get it to print. The first run I tried with no supports. It was in the very beginning and I could see it was trying to print in mid air off the build plate. Not good but not much wasted. So then I sliced it with a brim and supports. I removed a good chunk of supports before slicing and probably could have taken more away but it was printing fine so I let it go. After 30 hours it was done. Here is the video of the time-lapse of the print job.

Today I decided to check out how it looks illuminated. I did not yet drill a hole to insert any LEDs. I tried just placing what I want to use against the print but it was way too dim to see anything then I thought try your bicycle light that is 1200 lumen's. So that is what I did. It looks pretty good this way. But I still want to try the RGB LEDs. So I guess I will be drilling a hole in this and putting the LEDs inside. I don[t think it will be bright enough but till I do it I won't know for sure.

Depending on how all my experiments work out I will then decided how to make the base.

More experimenting to see how best to display this. The problem will be in a well lit room. I think I will have to use a LED flash light. I really did not want something like that but if that is what I'll have to do. Then that is how it is done. But I am still experimenting with different things.

Thanks for looking

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