Sunday, January 25, 2015

WordART Veteran United States Navy

OK So my 81 year old Dad had a myocardial infarction (To use older folks a heart attack). He had bypass surgery and is struggling with getting back on his feet. So to cheer him up I designed this word art for him. He is a carver not a scroller so when I go there in a week or so I will present this to him. When I was there last week I showed him the design and he was excited about it. When I came home it warmed up enough that I could cut it out and get it finished. So now if the weather will hold I will bring it to him in a week or so.

I cut this out of a piece of 1/2 inch Poplar for the backing. The letters are cut from 1/4 inch Red Oak. I finished it with  Minwax Golden Oak Stain.

I have seen these designs various places and was intrigued by the simple design and after playing with inkscape I figured out a way to produce a pattern to make this. I had the two designs one for VETERAN and one for Unites States Navy.

About the only thing that someone may say is that it is made from two pieces of wood that you have to glue together.

So I am going to post my patterns here. This is 15 inches x 5 inches and you will have no problem cutting this on a 16 inch saw. It is what I used. The pattern is in 2 pieces that you will have to tape together but I have placed two markers on each page to help put them together.

What I did was to cut them with scissors so that there would be no blank and make the overlap as small as possible. Line them up and tape them together Then fold them over and use a glue stick to have the over lap stick together. That why when cutting the pattern won't come off once you cut through the tape holding the edges together.

The first pattern is the background the second are the letter pieces you will have to cut out and glue to the back piece.

I actually updated these drawings so that they are a little bit better than before. Now the RED outline is continuous rather the broken. Learning all the time!

Veteran United States Navy Word Art Back Part 1
Veteran United States Navy Word Art Back Part 2
Veteran United States Navy Word Art Text Part 1
Veteran United States Navy Word Art Text Part 2