Saturday, July 2, 2016

Out for a long time

OK so for the past 18 years I have been riding a bicycle to work every day. Well on Tuesday, June 14th I had a car follow me through a left turn then accelerate right into me as if they could not see me. Can you say  distracted driver? On my GoPro Video, it certainly looked as if they were using their cell phone. They did not try to avoid of even slow down before slamming into me at speed. I suffered a broken shoulder blade,  collar bone, and two broken ribs. It has been 3 weeks and absolutely no healing has taken place with the collar bone. They tell me even though it is displaced they will not do anything for it. It will grow a bunch of calcium and eventually come back together on its own. Of course, it will be abnormal looking the rest of my life. So  I am expecting to be useless for 3 months while it heals. At least it is my left shoulder and I am right handed but I am in too much pain to even try to do this one handed.