Monday, May 29, 2017

Multi Layered Dragon

This is my latest. A 5 layer Dragon. Layers contain the following woods

Baltic Birch Plywood (Backer)
Walnut (First layer)
Satinwood (Second and Third layer)
Purple heart (Second, Fourth, and Fifth layer)

This is a Sue Mey Pattern which is available here.

This has 16 pieces. This is my first time using most of this wood and the purpleheart was by and far the hardest. So I do feel for people that use purplehart when doing intarsia as I am only cutting 1/4" thick and it wore the blade pretty quickly and I used more than I normally would have.

This is Satinwood (yellowish) and Purpleheart.

This is Walnut. As you can see in the grain that this wide board was glued up from narrow boards. But for my use it will not be noticed since most of it is covered by other pieces when done.

The last is Baltic Birch plywood.

I used both Flying Dutchmen ultra scroll reverse #5 and a spiral #3 for some of the more narrow cuts. I don't usually use spirals but I have been using them more often now since I have been working on more fret work portrait styles and those really require spirals with those very small cuts. I use them when the cuts require them.

There are 17 pieces cut and then it will be glued together. Still thinking about how to finish this off. Do I want to spray finish it? Gel finish it? Not sure. But I will decided in the next day or so.

What it looks like unfinished and just placed together it is not glued nor does it have a finish. It should pop if I get the finish right. The overall dimensions are 18" by 9"

Thanks for looking!