Saturday, June 24, 2017

Multilayer Dragon (Wyvern) Sanded and Danish Oil applied

OK so this is really not a dragon. It is called a Wyvern. I did a little research about it and found out since it only has two legs it is not a real dragon. So to stay true to the pattern designer I am keeping the Dragon n the title.

So I have finally finished sanding it. Many little pieces and took my time. Plus like most people I find sanding tedious and boring. But it is necessary to a good looking project.  It is the hours spent trying not to take too much off because you can't put the wood back on. Also with this project you are sanding lightly so as not to break any of the pieces. Like most things I still think it could use more sanding but heck I want to finish this.

Well the Danish Oil is making the colors pop which is what makes applying a finish a good thing. Still on the fence as to whether or not I will put on another finish. If I do it will be a gel satin finish.

Anyway here are the pictures of the pieces. I now have to wait a week for the oil to soak in and dry. I've learned the hard way to just be patient. If I glue it up too fast it will warp as the two sides will dry at different rates and the wood will bend.

These are all the parts which are Purpleheart and Satinwood.

The bottom layer which is Walnut

Finally the backer which is Baltic Birch Plywood

So in another week or so I will decide whether or not I will put a Gel Satin finish on it also.

Thanks for looking!