Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter and it is cold

Well it is winter and my shop is just a shed out back. So with Christmas over I find it hard to head out there in the cold air. Granted this is NC so cold is relative but for a guy that will sit out there when it is 98 45 is damn cold. So nothing from me. I just have lots of things I want to cut. I did get a DeWalt orbital sander and itching to use it but not when it is this cold.

Here is my new sander it even came with a bag. The wife loves anything that comes with a bag. And to tell the truth I like them also but not as much. But since this will be used so much I doubt it will spend much time in the bag unlike other tools that are only used every now and then. This will be used for every project at least at the start and depending on how fragile the work is at the end to finish it..