Sunday, September 11, 2016

Well it is getting there.....

Well, I am finally off disability and can go back to work. With some nice restrictions of 20 lbs of lifting and no ladder use. Those restrictions may seem harsh but I can't even lift 20 lbs with my left arm so in my mind they are not restrictive enough. I can not lift my arm to even 90 degrees yet. During PT when they push it as far as I can stand. In other words just before I begin to scream they can get it further but nothing I can do on my own or even force myself to do even with the pulley exerciser I have for therapy. 

I have the very nice lump on my collar bone at this point which I will have the rest of my life. Which is visible when my shirt is off I am a thin person.

The shoulder blade is healed now. Once I get some strength back and some more range of motion I might be able to get back out in the shop. But I am not able to lift anything with my left arm yet. So plenty of PT yet. That equates to a lot of pain yet I have to go through. I like doing PT because it will hopefully give me back my range of motion but I also hate it because it hurts so damn much. I have been told at least a year and they doubt I will get back 100% range of motion. All this over someone driving and using their cell phone and not looking at where they were going. Someday I will post the video but I can't right now. Let me just say GoPro's were the best investment I ever made for my bicycle and you need two of them because you ned to have a camera facing backwards too because things happen behind you that can take you out like it did to me. Since I run with forward and back facing cameras it is all recorded. So there is no what I remember and what they remember it is just reality. My only memory is "Why am I suddenly going faster? Why am I going into the air?" I know from the video why I suddenly went faster and was tossed over the handlebars.