Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finished My Second Tree Puzzle

Hey I just finished my second tree puzzle. These are fun to build but time consuming since you paint each and every piece. I only have 6 more to finish now. There is a story behind why I have so many. At first I wanted to make these to give as gifts for my Sunday School class. They are 1st to 6th grade. So I was going to make a bunch and give them. Silly me I just went and cut out the out line and rounded over the edges of six of them. Thinking lets get the easy cuts done and I used my dremel to round over the edges. The I cut the pieces out on the first and wham! I was completely disappointed in the puzzle. It was supposed to stand up and the pieces just did not lock together well. It would barley stand. Plus this thing was way too hard for most of the kids to put together. But I was like well what am I going to do now?

Well I decided to paint one of them and see what happens. Well I did what was suggested and that was to divide the tree pieces up. I counted the pieces for the leaves and there were 50 of them so that made it real simple just 5 colors and 10 pieces each. So I divided them up randomly and then painted them. The paint is the magic part. It increases the sizes and fills in the gaps and the puzzle just comes together and it will stand up. I made it easier to put together by painting the back side of the puzzle black.

Once I was done and had it together I was simply blown away. I have never created something this nice before. I even have the first and this one sold. Which was nice since my selling is providing needed tools for the workshop. Any way here is the picture of the first one and the second one:

This is my first tree puzzle

This is my second

As you can see they are the same but the colors are different. So both of these have been sold which is nice.