Thursday, January 21, 2021

Personalized Camping Plaque

 I decided I wanted a camping plaque that reflected my setup directly. So I took a photo of my rig and made a pattern out of it. I created it in inkscape. I actually started using gimp for the first round but then decided converting it to SVG format was too limiting and I could not make easy changes to it since it was not done in a vector graphics program. So I said to myself "Self just do the whole thing in inkscape" So I did. While I don't consider myself a pattern designer I think it is a skill worth developing more of since a total customized pattern is better then one you just modify slightly. I have done other patterns before but I don't do them often. I need to do this more often as I am sure I could get better if I did more. I assume it is much like cutting a pattern the more you do the better you get. There are some parts of the pattern I don't like so I may change it yet before cutting. That is the other problem I have with making patterns. They always need to be tweaked when you look at them Eventually I will cut it and then the changes won't be done anymore.

Original Photo

Pattern I have developed from the above photo

Any way thanks for looking