Sunday, February 14, 2016

Well What To Do About The State Fair

Well I picked what I want to cut for the NC State Fair this year. It is called The Bully and it is designed by Mike Williams of Mike's Scroll Saw Patterns. One of his patterns was the first place winner last year so here is hoping I'll do a decent job on it. I need to decide what wood I'll be using whether it be ply or solid wood. It is 11x14 so I could get some thin wood to do this on.

Now it is an picture of an Elephant so what wood to choose. It is as important a decision as the pattern. Everything comes into play not just the color but the grain also.

The link to The Bully

Mike has many a good patterns there and some look amazing.

Maybe this is the one where I will finally do a video of a project.

Anyway it is WAY TOO COLD to even think about going to my shop which is just a large shed in my backyard. There is no heat so I'm not going there. I do have a small heater but it can't do much when it is in the low 50's so never mind when it is in the low 30's. Yes I live in the south and low 50's is cold. So imagine when it is in the high 20's to low 30's.  I like to the high 90's to Low 100's.