Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Real Men Become Cyclists Pattern

OK So I was asked if I could post the pattern and after playing with some things and I figured a way I could post the pattern. It is just being posted as a PNG file which since it is just an image file can be posted as a picture on the blog and you should be able to download it as such. The size of this was created to be a sheet of paper so it is 8.5x11. I did create this is Inkscape but it seems when thinking about this that most everyone is selling/giving patterns away they are either images or PDF's. Since this is just a blog and I currently have no way to post the pdf so that it could be easily downloaded I opted for the image format.

I like red lines on the borders and light gray on the inside. I find it very hard to cut when it is all very black. I loose the blade in the black and it drives me nuts so I make them colored the way I prefer. Hopefully, you will like it this way also.

If you want to resize it you can use GIMP or any other such tool that will resize images.

Anyway here is the pattern if you like it please leave a comment and let me know.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Real men Become Cyclists Part 3

Well, the cutting is done. This was cut out of 1" Poplar, but since this is wood in reality it is 3/4". You really can't see the green tint. All that is left to do is to finish it off. It is not perfect but what the heck. If you create you know what it is like. It is never as good as you want and there are always flaws but I'm never going to be perfect and this is an imperfect world. So you eventually learn to just create and do as good as you can. Sometimes you even win things even when you think the job is so imperfect.

I will at least put Danish Oil on it and a backer board with color. Still deciding if I will use any type of clear coat on it. I tend to stay away from that simply because I suck at finishes. So I will post at least once more about this once I finish it.

Thanks for looking!

Real Men Become Cyclists Part 2

Well, this is part two of my latest project. This is how much was completed during the videoing of this.

And here is the link to the video

Thanks for checking it out. I will be finishing the cut of this in my next post. Then I will begin the finishing of it. I will be putting a 1/8 baltic birch plywood backer on it. I will add paint to the backer to there will be some color to it.

This is my first project for 2017! Of course, it is about to return to normal February temperatures so who knows how long before I will be able to do more projects.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the video. I personally think these can be quite boring but this as I said in the previous post is fr those that wonder how I cut all my little things I build.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Real Men Become Cyclists Part 1

Well, it was warm this week so I finally made it out to my shed(shop) and did a little work on a design I put together. It is an 8x11 plaque for cycling. I saw this a while back and since I was run down by a car 8+ months ago it has more meaning since I was totally taken out. I was thrown quite a bit of distance. I was far enough off the road that you can hear some guy from my GoPros asking if I fell down since I was so far from the road. I was thrown and landed on the sidewalk then slid off that on down an embankment where I finally came to a stop.I ended up with a broken clavicle(collar bone) and a broken scapula(shoulder blade). Still working through the pain and going to physical therapy.

Here is a picture of what I have done so far on it. I will probably finish this up in the next day or so.

I have even decided to use my GoPros and make a video of the project. It is my first video of this type so at times the camera moved out of position and I did not notice it. But since I sped up the video 30x it is not that much of a bother. I sped it up since it would be rather boring to watch it in real time. It is probably boring to watch even sped up. But I have been asked over and over what the heck is a scrollsaw and how do you use it that I figured I might as well get a video of a project,

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pattern I made ROCKY

I made this pattern a while back. It was my fist attempt at taking a photo and making a pattern out of it. I have never cut it. Maybe I am afraid it is not all the good. Anyway here is the original photo and the pattern with the slider you can see how they compare. I think I am finally going to cut this one out this spring when it warms up. What do you think?