Thursday, December 27, 2018

Chrstmas 2018

Well I made a bunch of these as gifts this year. This is a Sue Mey pattern froim the Family Series this particular pattern is available here:

This  was not a diffucult to do. I cut it on 1/8 Baltic Burch for the plaque itself.

I cut the backer out of 1/4" Baltic Birch

Since the backer is too thin to nail I just used 5 minute epoxy to attach the hanger. Also I made the backer slightly smaller so that you don't see it from the front.

I won't post this before Christmas since I still have hve to give these away. So once I have given them away I will actually post this. I for some reason almost forgot to take pictures of this for the blog! I actually had to unwrap one to take them. Now I have to wrap it again.

Anyway I wrote this entry on Christmas Eve and thanks for looking.