Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween 2015

I seem to have forgotten I had to finish this one. It is for Halloween. It is a Sue Mey Design. A Halloween tree with ornaments. It slides apart for easy storage so the tree becomes two pieces and is nice and flat for when it is not Halloween.

This did not take long to cut but took some time to paint the small ornaments. The longest might be tying all the little strings to hang those ornaments! I tried fishing line but the line was just so hard to see that I was going crazy and thinking I needed new glasses. That may be true but when you can't see the string because it is designed not to be seen by fish. Well you know what I mean.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Going to be quite for a while

Hmm you won't be seeing much from me here till after Christmas most likely simply because this year I'm going to make most of my Gifts and almost everyone getting something has the ability to see all this. Whether or not they actually see my stuff posted here I can't answer but they could.

So that means I can't post pictures of what I am doing.....

For my birthday I have received a planer. The Dewalt 734.

I like it very much. Already used to make wood thinner so that I could scroll it! I also purchased this Digital readout from Wixey for it which enables me to accurately plane the wood the same thickness.

That is available from

Friday, October 23, 2015

North Carolina State Fair

The Ten Commandments  from Sheila Landry Designs - Pattern by Keith Fenton

You can find the pattern here: Sheila Landry Designs

My work took 3rd place in this years NC State Fair. Not too shabby for my first entry into the competition. The ones that 1st and 2nd were very nice!

This was the first place finisher. Sorry but where they had these the light was coming in and causing glare so it is hard to see but a fine job of cutting this fret work. There are an awful lot of inside cuts on this one. A well deserved first place spot.

A very nice Noah's ark nicely done!

Then my Ten Commandments

Here is a much better shot of when I finished this back over he summer

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tree Puzzle

I actually cut this free standing tree puzzle  while ago, over 6 years ago, but it just sat under my work bench and I decided to finally paint it. The pattern is available from

just click the website name and it will take you to the tree puzzle area. There are other patterns available here:

It is a fun puzzle to paint simply because all you have to do is pick a brown for the tree part. Then pick 5 random green paints. Take all the tree leaf pieces which happens to be 50 pieces. So I mixed up the pieces that will be green then picked out 5 groups of ten. Painted those 5 groups each a green. When you are done you have the colors randomly about. It makes it harder to actually put together since you can't go by the color since they where mixed up before painting.

It contains 59 pieces I did not like the piece that is supposed to help it stand because it would cause it to rock. So I did not include it in this picture. It free stands better without it.

I used 1 inch thick pine for this. Since I cut this so long ago I honestly do not remember what size blade I used. But I could say it was my standard a #5 ultra reverse flying dutchman. After cutting out the edges where rounded with my dremel using the round over router bit.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Another person leaving at work so another name plate done

Well they just keep dropping like flies at work. People tired of the games and shenanigans by management and how they abuse us. So people are leaving in droves!

This is 1" Red Oak for the back piece and Poplar for the name.