Friday, August 12, 2016

Still recovering

I am still recovering from my bicycle crash 2 months ago. It is just insane how much damage was done to me. I am still at a loss for words. I never would have figured it would really take this long to heal. I start PT but after not using my shoulder for almost 2 months it is basically frozen now and let's just say PT is Physical Pain as they trey to move my shoulder through and free it up. I am very discouraged with how little the damn thing moves. This will take a while. The person at PT told me on average it takes at least a year if you shoulder freezes up to break it free and get back 100% movement. I sure don't hope it takes that long. I will be extremely depressed not being able to ride my bicycle for that long....

Any way here is a still from my front GoPro. My rear gopro was covered by one of my panniers that came free but not totally free. So what happened was the bike came to rest facing the opposite direction from where I was going and I did the same but I travelled further than the bicycle. Not sure how much further I went since I was never able to get up I was hurt that bad.