Monday, August 27, 2018

Yet more done on the Lion

The saying "when going gets tough, the tough get going" Man is that ever so true on this cutting. It is starting to get tough and this is just the beginning of the hard part!

These very fine lines are all being cut with a spiral blade. There is nothing but shear will power not to mess these up. Some of the power of a spiral blade is it cuts in 360 degrees. You push in any direction and it cuts. It is so hard to cut these fine lines with a spiral. But I also feel they would be near impossible with  straight blade also. With great power comes great responsibility! Control is everything here. Just one slip and the entry is toast at this point.

Anyway here is a larger shot of it. I did not get much done due to the fine lines I am making at this point. I don't even think I am on the hardest part yet.

Thanks for looking

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