Sunday, August 19, 2018

More progress on Fair entry

I have mode more progress on the Lion I am entering in the NC State Fair for 2018. This one has many difficult cuts in it. There are many lines that are less the 1/16" wide. This is turning out to be by far more difficult then the bully I believe was to cut. This is less then 800 cuts but the narrowness of the wood remaining is really thin! I am using spirals so just a nudge in the wrong direction and goodbye wood.

I sometimes have to stop just because I am so nervous I am going to goof it up. The tension alone I think could cause me to go off.

I have put some perspective onto this picture rather then blur it. I just hope it is enough to protect the image. Trying my best to show my progress without enabling someone to take the pictures and make a pattern from it. Very much dreading the fangs and the left side where the large piece needs to come out.

So far this is what is done

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