Wednesday, August 15, 2018

NC State Fair Entry continues.....

Some more has been cut for the State Fair entry. Slow going but I have learned don't rush and don't cut when you are not feeling it. Not when you have to get it right no do overs on this one.

There are some hairy scary sections on this to cut out. Very fragile pieces are there. They will be the last to most likely be cut. Dreading that time.

Anyway here is another picture of it with more cut out. Blurred again since people actually take photos and make there own patterns from them. It is absolutely ridiculous that they do that. The patterns are cheap. The wood, blades, and saw are what costs the $$$ not the pattern.

It will be tight as I have family coming in next weekend so no cutting then. I also have a carving class I am taking next weekend. Double whammy. The carving class is 9am to 5pm. I am hoping to expand my wood working abilities and put my fathers carving knives to good use.

Thanks for looking!

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