Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tables are done!

I have finished rebuilding these tables. These were a joy to work on. In a way I felt my Dad was helping as I worked on these two tables. Things just seemed to go along smoothly and ideas just seemed to come out of no where in particular. I used some of his tools and each time it was like yup dad is here helping. People always say that as you use things or wear things you feel their presence strongly. Some people would say you just overly sensitive. I say so be it. If it makes you feel they are standing there with you then that is what I feel and you are not going to change my mind in the least.

Here you can see I decided to make mini tops to screw the base into so that the tops won't flip up if you put too much weight on them. These are them looking at the tops upside down.

Here they are with the all the paint done and the tops screwed to the base.

These are very bright when in the bright North Carolina sunshine.

After I was finished working on these and took these pictures I went inside to get something to drink as I it was 98 outside and I was sitting in the sun drilling holes by hand since I could not get a drill in where I needed the holes for the screws as I only had 3/4"  ply wood and that means the holes had to be 3/8" from the top. No way you are fitting a drill in that space. So I used a small chuck I could put into my screwdriver that takes 1/4" bits. Problem solved. But when inside my pupils must have been small dots as I could hardly see anything after looking at this bright white!

My daughter was very pleased with how they came out.  I am very sure my dad is proud that I took his tables and redid them and now they are being used once again by my daughter.

Thanks for looking!

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