Sunday, July 29, 2018

Name Plate Part #1

Seems I am way behind my personal schedule! My own fault as I still need to work on my State Fair entry. But I let July get here. For those that don't know my world series takes place the month of July. Let Tour De France! Keeps me in the house watching that. I've watched it for quite some time. It never disappoints.

Anyway I've promised some people I'll make them stuff and the Tour keeps me from accomplishing that. So I am making a name plate for a guy at work. He is going to give it to his daughter. She saw the one I made for him a while back and she now wants one. One thing I have learned from this is to keep track of the wood I use on things I make. Not always the actual wood but the thickness of the wood. I did not keep track of that and I don't remember. This time I used 3/4" for the backer and 1/2 for the name. It is what I had on hand.

After cutting it I believe I used 1/4" for the name before.

Anyway it is not done. It is cut and I have soaked the pieces in my favorite finish Danish Oil. I will also spray it with shellac, But it needs to dry for a few days before glue up.

I use Inkscape when I design my name plates. It only takes a short bit of time to make the name and backer.

The actual wood used is Red Oak for the backer and Pine for the actual name plate

Here are some shots of the name being cut and the pieces so far.

Stay tuned for the final next post on this project once it dries and is glued up. Now onto the next thing I promised. At least they are all simple and not time consuming projects.

Thanks for looking!

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