Sunday, June 3, 2018

My Father was a recycler

My father reused items all the time. Building useful things out of stuff that was being reused as never really intended. It was what he did. Anyway I ended up with two tables from his patio he had built years ago. The bases are made from house shutters he had from some place. I don't know where.

Lesson to be learned here? Yes there is pay attention to your parents someday you will be like I know he told me all about this but now I don't remember and he is not on the earth anymore to ask

The tops were stop sign shaped plywood. Covered in some type of old outdoor table cloth the type with cloth on the back and plastic on the front. It was soft underneath so I pulled the plastic off and yes the plywood was wet and not in great shape so.... Toss those tops.

I decided to rebuild the tops with new plywood and I will be giving them to my daughter for her new place after I finish them up and make a couple of improvements. First off I cut out the tops from 3/4" ply. 2 feet across into a stop sign shape as they where before.

I saw a thing on-line a while back about applying glue to the edge of the ply wood to seal it so that when you paint it you don't see the ply's showing. So I am trying that out to see how that works. It appeared to work really well when I saw it done. So here's hoping it will work for me also.

Anyway here are some pictures of the work in progress.

The base of one of the tables

Just resting the new top on the base

Top down view of my cuts. Not bad for just a circular saw.

Once I finish these up I'll show them here. I am going to use a new sprayer I have called  "Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun" I have a compressor I inherited from my Dad so I bought this sprayer which has a neat idea of using mason jars and the air siphons from the mason jar and sprays what ever is in the jar. Seems like a nice idea and by using mason jars you can just remove the jar and cap it. Then take another jar with water or mineral spirits to clean it all up by just spraying that through the gun. Seems like a decent design and people I have seen use it like it so I figure what the heck. So when I finish these up I'll let you know how that sprayer worked out.

Thanks for reading!

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