Sunday, April 15, 2018


Still organizing all the tools I have inherited from my Dad. Lots of good things. My little tiny shop is overflowing with stuff now. I thought for the longest time I had a good size work bench. Not so anymore. I think I need to build another bench to put some of the tools I have to keep below my bench so that they may be on top of something.

I am most excited to have a bench top band saw and a bench top drill press. These are things not just for carving but for everyday use in my shop.

I also have picked out what I am going to make on the scroll saw for the  NC State Fair this year. I want to get started on it this week as I want it done early so then I can maybe work on carving something for the Fair? That would be great if I could do that this year!

I am on the hunt for my third straight Blue Ribbon in scroll saw work. This year I am going with a Charles Dearing pattern of a lion roaring. I decided this year to use a solid piece of 1/4" cherry I found at Klingspor's! The frame I will make out of Yellowheart wood.

I am nervous about the cherry wood as this will take some time to cut and I usually do these out of plywood. With plywood I don't have to worry about the board warping. So with the cherry I will have to spend many hours out there and not spread it out over too much time. This will be not as many cuts as The Bully but still looks to be over 700.

What my crowded shop kind of looks like

Thanks for looking!

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