Friday, April 15, 2016


I have been working on a logo/stamp for my woodworking. I have been told in the past that I need to sign my work. I have looked at branding irons but way too expensive and you are stuck with whatever you have it is static. While if I do one a laser toner printer and print it in reverse I can then use my woodburning tool to transfer the toner to the wood much like an iron on transfer.

Anyway what do people think of this? Comments are always welcome!



  1. Beautiful! So artistic, and I can feel the math behind it too. What did you use to design it?

  2. Inkscape. It is a vector graphics program. I use it for most everything. I have actually changed the design slightly. My nephew pointed out what I was seeing but was not really seeing so I have eliminated the Circular Saw blade from it. Before I put that on it I was like it needs something related to wood on it. But it really didn't as it was really noticeable when I shrunk it down to the size I will be using it on the back of my projects. Not so bad when larger but I have removed it.