Saturday, April 16, 2016

What the logo looks like on wood

OK, so now I have used the woodburning tool method to basically melt the toner from the paper to the wood. It is very much like an iron on transfer. The only thing you need to watch out for is the fact that the woodburning tool gets hot enough to burn wood so you need to make sure you drop the temperature of the iron on a scrap piece of wood before applying the iron to the paper. You do not want to burn the paper or the wood you just want to melt the toner and transfer it to the wood.

The first image is of the piece at a distance and the second is a more close up picture of the finished logo. It is a little light and I may bold up the font more to get more toner there to transfer.

A nice closer view of the transfer

Thanks for looking. If you are interested I can try to put a video together of this if there is interest in how to do this technique.



  1. Really nice! The bottom text is just a shade light, can you get it any darker or thicker?

  2. Yes I am going to work on that and see what can be done. Not sure if bolding the text will make it darker or if I just need to put more heat on it. It looked fine till I did the close up then I noticed that lightness. With the wood burning tool you have to be careful. Since it is designed to burn the wood so you have to get the temperature down a little to not burn the wood or paper. Just might be a technique problem or the font.