Sunday, March 13, 2016

Started on the Bully

I have begun the Bully pattern for the NC State Fair. I really don't want to put a picture of the pattern glued to the wood since I understand some people will take and make their own pattern from the picture. Since it is a pattern that must be paid for  I don't want anyone taking this pattern. So I will show you a picture of the 1,000 holes or so that I drilled tonight in preparation to start cutting it.Each one of those small dark spots is a hole I drilled.

Think about this if there are over a 1,000 holes drilled I will have to insert the blade that many times before I complete it! I have not done a pattern as complex as this ever. So this should be fun. Plus this will be done with a spiral blade. I am not as comfortable using spiral blades but those are the only ones you can possibly use on a pattern such as this one.

Here is a top view of me when I was drilling the holes with my Dremel.

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