Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Its all over but the crying

I dropped my entry off at the NC State Fair over the weekend. Judging was today Tuesday the 15th. So by now I have most likely won a ribbon. It is the same people every year that enter. I was able to gaze at the list of entries in the book when I dropped it off and I saw all the usual names for the competition this year. Eventually I will not  get the blue ribbon. Maybe this year as the flaws are plenty. I seemed to have to hide more mistakes this year then in years past. Well I will know this week probably if someone I know goes before I do to the fair.

I need a new phone as the camera in my current phone has a broken lens so I try not to take pictures but this one was taken with the phone. Ignore the strange artifacts in the pic

This is a shot of where I dropped the entry off. You can see a ferris wheel in the background. But this year they have this massive ferris wheel that makes this one look tiny.

Thanks for looking!

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