Monday, October 28, 2019

All 4 Blue Ribbons

Here are my 4 in a row blue ribbons from the NC State Fair left to right as follows:

2016 The Mermaid (Sue Mey)
2017 The Bully (Mike Williams)
2018 Lion Roaring (Charles Dearing)
2019 AS Darkness Falls (Mike Williams)

Links to each pattern is the Artists name.

Now each one by itself as best as I can get it.

Mermaid with a crown
Cut out of 1/8" Baltic Ply Mounted to 3/4" Pine

The Bully
Cut 1/4" Oak Ply
Purpleheart Frame

Lion Roaring
1/4" Cherry
Yellow Heart Frame

As Darkness Falls

Cut  1/2" Basswood live edge

Thanks for looking

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