Thursday, October 26, 2017

Scroll Saw Association of the World

I recently joined SAW.  You can see in the banner above what SAW stands for. Clicking here will take you to their website. It has been in existence since 1996. I have known about them for at least 5 years but I hesitated to join. They are having a resurgence in membership which is a good thing as we don't want the scroll saw to fall away and be forgotten. There are things you can do with scroll saws that you can not do with any other tool. Works of art are created all the time using scroll saws.

If nothing else do explore their web site and see what is there. Then think about joining and becoming an active member. They are looking for suggestions on what we as scroll saw artists can do to get more people scrolling.

Yes some works that get created on a scroll saw are works of arts.

Here are some things created on a scroll saw these are called Intarsia. This is where you cut thick pieces of different woods shape then by sanding and the glue them to a backer. When you are very good they will look like the ones below. These are all fine examples of wood art.

From Kathy Wise

Then there is Bruce Worthington patterns some examples of his completed patterns

These are done using natural woods no staining. The only thing that is done is they have some type of finish applied when done.

Some from Charles Dearing which are fret work

I do find this hobby relaxing most of the time. Creating things for the NC State Fair can be trying at times as I have now placed first twice now. I have entered 3 years in a row and the first year I was awarded third. That entry I observed the ones that placed above me and I saw what was being judged as really good. Last year I went to the fair with something I thought was good. But not what I wanted to enter and took first place. This year I got around to cutting what I knew was going to be a difficult cutting. I took blue again. So now the pressure is really on to continue.  But other then that this is a fun hobby.

Thanks for looking!

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