Saturday, October 14, 2017

Made it to the NC State Fair Today

Well I made it to the fair today. I was going to go on opening day to see what ribbon I won. But I had to work late and just could not make it. Friday I was out of work at a better time but who really wants to go to the NC State Fair on a Friday Night? Many people too many for my likes so I went today Saturday the 14th.

I was awarded the Blue Ribbon! I am happy but sad at the same time. Happy for myself sad for the other people. Lots of great work goes into each and every item that people submit to be judged. Everyone wants the Blue Ribbon and many people get awarded them in the many different categories there are.

I've been cutting stuff on my scroll saw for a few years now. I only started entering the State Fair 3 years ago. The very first year I was awarded 3rd place.  I learned much with that first entry. I learned what style is rewarded the most. My word art entry plaque was good but lets face it. How much work is actually in a word art? Even one that is two plaques containing the 10 Commandments. The real work is in scroll saw fretwork cuttings.

So I said self you need to stop being afraid of those spiral blades and get to work if you want one of those blue ribbons! So that is what I did. The entry for this year was going to be last years entry but one thing occurred last year  that prevented me from completing it on-time last year. I was on my way home from work by bicycle as I have done for the past 20+ years and a distracted driver hit me from behind and took me out for quite a bit of time. So I had put in one of my earlier fretwork cuts and that was awarded the blue last year.

So I have doubled this year with a second blue ribbon with the bully. Now this is a a cutting with over 1,000 cuts in it. When I started this I really had no idea what I was getting into. I knew it was going to take time. But there was times when I would spend more time in a day putting the blade through the many holes I had to drill then I did doing actual cutting. Then towards then end there were so many holes that I just missed drilling that I would have to drill more holes so I could cut more.

But it is just such an impressive pattern that all the work was well worth it!

Now what do I plan on cutting next year. This maybe just as hard as cutting something. I have a few ideas about which patterns I already own I will cut. Because as a scroller I have more patterns then I have time to cut. Buying a pattern is easy cutting them takes time and materials.

Most scrollers I know have a pattern addiction problem. Stuff you buy to cut but for what ever reason you don't. It is a good thing patterns are pretty affordable.

Any way finally here is the picture from the fair on my entry. Yes it is the elephant in the top left of the picture. This year I am in the back at the top. About as far from it as you can be. There was no one near to ask if I could, like last year go into the display area to get a picture of myself and the entry. I will go back maybe I will be able to get closer next time. With it being on the top shelf it will be nearly impossible to get a picture like last year. So I may not even ask since it is pretty high up.

Finally the pictures

And thanks for looking and reading my  post!

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