Sunday, October 11, 2020

Camping Plaque

 This is a Sue Mey Pattern I modified to have our last name rather than Welcome. Pattern is available here Happy Campers. It is cut from baltic birch plywood 1/4" for the backer and 1/8" for the design. I have used two finishes on this which I usually don't do. I put my favorite Watco Natural Danish Oil. Then after a few days I put Bullseye Shellac on since this will be outside when we are camping. I figure chances are greater it might get damp and might  as well put it on.

The logo I put on with my 3500mw Neje laser engraver. Which I love since it is customized for every use. I just have to modify the graphic with the month year and let it run. I can choose just about any size up to 5.9" (150mm). It is a cheap laser engraver not a cutter so it works for how I use it. I set this one for 3 inches when I printed it. 



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