Thursday, May 7, 2020

Something New!

Well I finally have made something from the tree I had cut down last year. I saved a bunch of wood hoping to make something from it one day. Well I started hunting through the stuff I have been seasoning and I cut up a small branch and using both a small hand saw and my small band saw I cut some small boards from it. After getting the hang of how to cut boards I ended up with a couple 3/4" thick ones. It took a couple of try's to figure out how to cut them straight on the band saw. It is small so I can only do 4 1/2 inch high boards but it worked out eventually. For bigger ones It would be more wasteful as I will have to use my chain saw and then planer to get some thin boards.

But this is what I managed to get out of the branch on my first attempt. The next one will yield more boards.

Then I came up with this pattern and sized it for one of the boards and this is the finished product. I used my favorite Natural Danish Oil. I also have finally used my laser burner to put my logo on the backer board. SO this is a live edge on one side and I like how it came out..

So I have at least been successful in using the wood from the really old oak tree that needed to come down last year.

Kind of interesting color and grain.

Thanks for looking

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