Monday, December 23, 2019

Circle Jig for the router

I needed to make a perfect circle so I made a circle jig for my router. I can do a 4 foot circle with this. I do need to make a 40" circle so it will be used almost to the full range.

I just took off the face plate and traced it. I then used by power strop for the smaller circle and drew lines between the two circles. I cut it out on my scroll saw. Then I mounted it to the router and let the router drill the hole. I marked off 1/2" distances from the edge of the bit.

Now to make a circle. But I won't get to that till next year since I am out of time and my van was in the shop so I could not pick up the ply to cut the circle. Now Christmas is upon me I won't be able to get it done before I have to leave town. So next year! I have my first project awaiting me already!

Thanks for looking!

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