Monday, September 3, 2018

My self imposed schedule met!

I was able to finish the final cuts on this baby today! First round of fuzzy removal done! Will take another look at it tomorrow before applying the finish. This is not the background color I will be using. Still deciding if I'll go with black as usual or some other color.

This was cut from 1/4" thick cherry board. After tomorrow I will put the Danish oil on it and in a couple of days the finial color of the wood will be set. Then I'll decided on the backer color.

The frame is going to be made from some yellowheart I have had for a while. I'll start on that next weekend if the weather is good. As I have to pull out the table saw from the shed since my shed is over crowded and small. A table saw is loud enough without containing it in a 16'x12' area.

Thanks for looking!

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