Monday, November 21, 2016

Starting new Christmas cutting

OK, so I have started a new cutting. This is from a Sheila Landry Designs pattern So far I have cut out the edges and all the Reindeer Antlers. I'll cut some more tomorrow. It is a little cold out in my unheated shop(shed). Need to get this done soon for my wife to add to her Christmas collection of things to hang up!

I cut the outer edge with a Scroll Reverse #5. I did the Antlers with a Scroll Reverse #3. I use Flying Dutchman Blades exclusively. The center of this will be cut at an angle then it will be pushed in and glued in place for a self-framing effect. I'll post pictures a the end of each day. Don't know how much time I will get working on this. I really dislike the cold. But since I was out for the nice enjoyable heat and could not cut I guess I get to suffer now trying to make stuff. I much prefer to sweat while working rather the shiver. But we deal with what we have when we have it!

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