Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tree Puzzle

I actually cut this free standing tree puzzle  while ago, over 6 years ago, but it just sat under my work bench and I decided to finally paint it. The pattern is available from

just click the website name and it will take you to the tree puzzle area. There are other patterns available here:

It is a fun puzzle to paint simply because all you have to do is pick a brown for the tree part. Then pick 5 random green paints. Take all the tree leaf pieces which happens to be 50 pieces. So I mixed up the pieces that will be green then picked out 5 groups of ten. Painted those 5 groups each a green. When you are done you have the colors randomly about. It makes it harder to actually put together since you can't go by the color since they where mixed up before painting.

It contains 59 pieces I did not like the piece that is supposed to help it stand because it would cause it to rock. So I did not include it in this picture. It free stands better without it.

I used 1 inch thick pine for this. Since I cut this so long ago I honestly do not remember what size blade I used. But I could say it was my standard a #5 ultra reverse flying dutchman. After cutting out the edges where rounded with my dremel using the round over router bit.

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