Monday, September 7, 2015

Some name plates

My Manager at work is leaving. At least this time he is leaving to get away from the mess. My last manager went away because of restructuring.  I was manager-less for two days after that one.

So anyway I made him a name plate to take on to his next position. I struggle with clear coats and getting them on properly. I am not satisfied with this finish yet. I will most likely see if I can correct the flaws in it before he gets in later this week. At the worst it will look like it does now. That is why I prefer oils no mess no fuss. But for somethings clear coats is better now if only I could master clear coats.

I created these in Inkscape then print them out and apply to the wood.  It is a free program and for what I do it has more options then I know what to do with! Click the link to see more about it.

Made from 1" Red Oak for the backer to stand up nicely and 1/4" White Poplar for the actual name.

Then a follow co-worker is also departing this week. So I made him one too. He has a nice short name so this is a little small.

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